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To Switch Cycles in Holemaking
To switch between any holemaking cycle type, perform the following steps:
Select a cycle on the Model Tree and click Mill > Holemaking Cycles > Switch Cycle or click Turn > Holemaking Cycles > Switch Cycle.
Select a cycle type. The tab for the selected holemaking cycle opens. All defined references, parameters, and other elements of the selected cycle in the Model Tree are retained. Define additional mandatory elements for the switched cycle and edit other elements if required.
When creating a deep drilling cycle, you can also switch between Standard, Deep, Variable Peck, and Break-Chip cycles from within the tab. Select Standard, Deep drilling, or Breakchip drilling button available in a list on the Drilling tab. To switch between Variable and Constant Peck drilling, select Constant or Variable Peck in the Peck Type list on the Parameters tab.
You can also switch between Fixed Tap and Floating Tap types from within the Tapping tab. On the Parameters tab, select Floating or Fixed in the Tap Type list.