To Specify Height
You can specify the height of the cut motion using the Height option on the CUT ALONG menu. The height specification is mandatory if you use surfaces to define the cut motion; for other types it is optional.
It is recommended not to use Start Height while defining a multi-axis Trajectory milling NC sequence. The tool orientation changes during the tool path generation and hence the start height, if specified can produce unpredictable results, in such cases.
When you click Height, the HEIGHT menu opens with the options:
Add—Brings up the CTM DEPTH menu, containing the commands Specify Plane, Select, and Z Depth. To specify the height or depth of the cut motion, create or select a plane, select nonplanar surfaces, or enter a value for height with respect to the NC sequence coordinate system. The tool trajectory, when defined, will then be projected in the level of the selected surface or plane.
Remove—Remove the currently used height reference. Then you can either click Remove Single and select the references to delete, or click Remove All to delete all references.
Show—Show the plane or surface that is currently used for height reference. If Z depth is used, the appropriate depth will be marked by a cyan rectangle enclosing the contour of the manufacturing model.