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To Create a 3-, 4-, or 5-Axis Custom Trajectory Milling NC Sequence
1. Ensure that the active operation references a Mill or Mill/Turn workcell.
2. Click Mill > Milling > Custom Trajectory.
The MACH AXES menu appears for a Mill workcell and the TURN HEAD menu appears for a Mill/Turn workcell. Select HEAD 1 or HEAD 2 for a Mill/Turn workcell.
Alternatively, to create a 4 Axis or 5 Axis custom trajectory sequence, click Mill and the arrow next to Trajectory Milling and select 4 Axis Trajectory or 5 Axis Trajectory.
3. Select 3 Axis, 4 Axis, or 5 Axis if applicable (the options available depend on the number of axes specified for the workcell).
4. Click Done. The NC SEQUENCE menu appears.
If you have specified the tool, site, coordinate systems, and retract surface at setup time, you do not have to select commands on SEQ SETUP at this point, and can proceed directly to Step 5.
5. Click Check Surfs on the NC SEQUENCE menu.
6. Select one of the following options under SRF PRT SEL:
Add Ref Prts—Includes all solid surfaces of the reference part as check surfaces.
Use Mill Alnc—Specifies stock allowance to be used with check surfaces. This option is available only if you include reference parts.
Selection—Selects surfaces against which gouge checking is to be performed. If the tool comes in contact with a Check Surface, it will retract to avoid this surface, and then proceed to the next millable portion of the specified trajectory.
7. Click Done/Return.
8. When specifying the tool for 3-Axis Trajectory milling, you can sketch a customized tool by clicking Edit > Sketch in the Tools Setup dialog box.
To sketch tools, the tool type must be Milling.
For more information, see the topic Sketching the Tools for Trajectory Milling.
9. Click Customize on the SEQ SETUP to generate Cut motions. Connect the Cut motions using the Approach and Exit Tool Motions.
10. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Play Path to verify the tool path generated by Creo NC .
11. Click Done Seq or Next Seq when done.