To Specify a Coordinate System
The Machine and NC Sequence coordinate systems are specified in a similar way, as described in the following procedure. The Machine coordinate system is specified while creating an operation using the Operation tab. The sequence or step coordinate system is specified while creating a sequence using options on the tab of the sequence you are creating.
On the Operation tab or the tab of the sequence you are creating, click the collector adjacent to and select a coordinate system. Alternatively, right-click the graphics window and select Orientation from the shortcut menu. Once the Program Zero is defined, the name of the coordinate system appears in the collector, and is highlighted in the graphics window.
If the operation coordinate system differs from the step coordinate system, right-click the collector for the following options:
Default—Replaces the selected coordinate system with the default reference. The default is the orientation that is copied from the previous step or from the operation.
Information—Displays the information of the selected coordinate system.
After you specify a coordinate system for an NC sequence, it remains in effect until you change it.
You can also create a coordinate system asynchronously. Click the arrow next to the Datum group and select .