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About Manufacturing Process
Creo NC process consists of the following basic steps:
1. Set up the manufacturing database. It may contain such items as workcells (machine tools) available, tooling, fixture configurations, site parameters, or tool tables. This step is optional. If you do not want to set up all your database up front, you can go directly into the machining process and later define any of the items above when you actually need them.
2. Define an operation. An operation setup may contain the following elements:
Operation name
Work Centers (workcell or machine tool)
Coordinate system for CL output
Operation comments
Operation parameters
FROM and HOME points
You have to define a work center and a coordinate system before you can start creating NC sequences. Other setup elements are optional.
3. Create NC sequences for the specified operation. Each NC sequence is a series of tool motions with the addition of specific post-processor words that are not motion-related but required for the correct NC output.
The tool path is automatically generated by the system based on the NC sequence type (such as Volume Milling, Outside Turning), cut geometry, and manufacturing parameters. You can apply more "low level" control, if you like, by:
Defining your own tool motions, that is, approach, exit, and connect motions. Tool motions include Automatic Cut motions.
Inserting non-motion CL commands.
4. For each completed NC sequence, you can create a material removal feature, either by making the system automatically remove material (where applicable), or by manually constructing a regular Creo feature on the workpiece (such as Slot or Hole).
Modal Settings
Most of the machining setup elements are modal, that is, all subsequent NC sequences will use this setting until you explicitly change it. Among those are:
Operation setup (including the workcell and Machine coordinate system)
Fixture setup
Tool (provided the tool type is compatible with the NC sequence type)
Manufacturing parameters of an activated site
NC Sequence coordinate system (for the first NC sequence, the Machine Coordinate system specified for the operation will be implicitly used as the NC sequence coordinate system as well, unless you explicitly specify another one)
Retract surface