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To Set Up Trim Planes
Trim planes can be used before starting the display process to blank the portions of the workpiece that are not affected by the current NC sequence. This cuts down on the amount of time needed to create the initial image.
When you click Trim Plane, the following options are available:
Create Trim—Specify a new trim. Select a planar surface or datum plane (a datum can be created "on the fly") to be used as a trim plane, then specify the direction of the trim, that is, which side to remove from display.
Delete Trim—Delete a trim. Select a trim to delete by selecting the name of the trim plane from a namelist menu (they are given default names upon creation: Trim Plane #1, Trim Plane #2). You will have a Select All option. Once a plane is selected, it will be temporarily displayed in cyan to let you visually check the correctness of you selection. If you have made a mistake, unselect the plane by turning off the checkmark next to its name. Note that deleting a trim does not delete the trim datum plane itself.
Trim planes are similar to Clip planes, except that:
Trim planes can not be dynamically moved.
Trim planes are supposed to remove portions outside the operation area; therefore, they do not affect the tool display.
The Trim Plane option does not appear when running NC Check at the time of creating an NC sequence.