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To Set the CL Data Output on a Contour
1. Set the CUTCOM parameter to ON in the Edit Parameters dialog box.
2. On the Output tabbed page of the Work Center dialog box, select Tool Edge in the Output Point list.
3. Specify a value for the CUTCOM_REGISTER parameter.
4. Specify values for the NORMAL_LEAD_STEP, TANGENT_LEAD_STEP, ENTRY_ANGLE, EXIT_ANGLE, and LEAD_RADIUS parameters to include approach and exit moves and enable cutter compensation by providing a linear motion in the XY plane.
Cutter compensation is enabled on the first linear move and the output switches from the center to the edge of the tool.
When the CUTCOM parameter is ON, specifying only the LEAD_RADIUS parameter, which defines the circular lead motion, may cause undesirable tool movement. Add a linear lead motion by specifying TANGENTIAL_LEAD_STEP or NORMAL_LEAD_STEP parameter along with the LEAD_RADIUS parameter to achieve the correct output.
To specify a location for the CUTCOM statement on the approach and exit motion, set the CUTCOM_LOC_APPR and CUTCOM_LOC_EXIT parameters to a number less than the value of the NUMBER_CUTCOM_PTS parameter.
For interrupted cuts in Thread Milling, CUTCOM is turned off at the location set by CUTCOM_LOC_EXIT during the exit move from the cut and the CL output shifts back to the centre of the tool. Similarly, CUTCOM is set to ON at the location set by CUTCOM_LOC_APPR during the entry move to the next cut and the CL output shifts back to the edge of the tool. This sequence is repeated until the thread cut is complete.