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About Thread Milling
Thread (helical) milling allows you to cut internal and external threads on cylindrical surfaces.
When creating a Thread milling NC sequence, you will have to:
Use a tool of type THREAD_MILL instead of a regular milling tool.
When setting parameters, specify THREAD_FEED, THREAD_FEED_UNITS, and THREAD_DIAMETER (optional).
Specify whether the thread is internal or external.
• Define a thread set.
A thread set defines the references that will be threaded; holes for internal threads, bosses for external threads, and axes for either. You can include more than one thread set, which allows threading features with different depth specifications.
There are various methods for selecting references to include in a thread set:
Selecting individual axes
Including all cylinders on a specified surface
Including holes or bosses of a specified diameter
Including all features in a pattern
Excluding specific axes that are added as a member of a pattern or rule definition