To Select an NC Sequence
NC sequence features themselves do not have geometry that you can select on to choose the NC sequence for modification, CL data output. You can select an NC sequence in one of the following ways:
Using the SELECT FEAT menu.
Using the Sel By Menu option (as any other feature) by its feature number, internal ID, or from a Model Tree.
Choosing the corresponding material removal feature (if it has been created). However, this works only if the material removal feature itself can not be selected for this particular operation. For example, this method can be used for CL data output, but will not work for suppressing or reordering.
Perform the following to select an NC sequence using the SELECT FEAT menu:
1. Click Manufacturing > Operate > Feature Operations. The ASSY FEAT menu appears.
2. Select Reorder. The SELECT FEAT menu appears.
3. Select NC Sequence. A namelist menu of the NC sequences will appear; each NC sequence is identified by its number and type, followed by the operation name, for example:
a. 1: Volume Milling 1, Operation: OP010
b. 2: Profile Milling, Operation: OP010
and so forth.
If you have specified an NC sequence name using the Name option on the Properties tab, this name will appear in the namelist menu instead of the NC sequence type (for example, Volume Milling).
If a line is too long to fit in the namelist menu, place the cursor over it and check the bottom line in the message window to see the whole entry.
If more than one operation has been defined for the model, the SEL NC SEQ menu controls which NC sequences are listed in the namelist menu:
By Cur Oper—Only NC sequences that belong to the current operation will appear in the namelist menu.
All Operations—All NC sequences existing in the model will appear in the namelist menu.