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To Run the CL Data
As you click Run, the system starts running the CL data. The model is shaded and the tool starts "cutting" the material. As the tool moves along the CL path, the material removed by the tool motion is reflected in the workpiece display.
You can interrupt the NC Check process at any time by clicking on the STOP sign at the right end of the message window.
When NC Check is interrupted, the only options available on the NC DISP menu are Clip Plane and Change Image. At the same time, the INTERRUPT menu opens with the following options:
Continue—Proceed with running the CL data from where it stopped. You can select this option after changing the view of the model (for example, zooming in), or adjusting a Clip plane.
Abort—Abort running the current CL data. When you abort the display, all options in the NC DISP menu become available again. You can change the display set-up (for example, colors or step size) and then run the same data from the very beginning, or run another CL file if NC Check is started from Tools > CL Data.
Refer to the discussion of the Refresh functionality for more information on what options are available after Abort.