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To Redefine a Follow Cut Motion
When you create an Automatic Cut motion, the system creates an implicit Follow Cut motion that follows the Automatic Cut motion from start to end. If you want to the tool to follow only certain portions of the Automatic Cut motion, or to change the Follow Cut parameters, redefine the Follow Cut motion.
1. Select the Follow Cut motion in the list box at the top of the Customize dialog box and click Redefine.
The Follow Cut dialog box opens.
2. Redefine the Follow Cut motion as needed. You can:
Change the Follow Cut limits, that is, specify the start and end points for the tool, to make it follow only a portion of the Automatic Cut motion.
Reverse the cut direction.
Modify the Follow Cut motion parameters.
Split the Follow Cut motion into multiple segments.
Add other Follow Cut motions (for example, following a different portion of the same Automatic Cut motion).
Remove some of the segments of the Follow Cut motion.
3. Click OK to finish redefining the Follow Cut motion and close the Follow Cut dialog box. If you created multiple segments of a Follow Cut motion, they will all be listed in the Customize dialog box below the Automatic Cut motion that they follow.