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To Create an Automatic Cut Motion
The types of Automatic Cut motions depend on the type of the NC sequence; refer to the topic describing NC sequences of a particular type for information on the Automatic Cut motions for this NC sequence. Once an Automatic Cut motion is generated, you can incorporate it in the tool path fully or partially.
1. Select Automatic Cut from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert.
2. The system displays the menus appropriate for creating Automatic Cut motions within the current NC sequence type. Create an Automatic Cut motion.
The system creates an implicit Follow Cut motion that follows the Automatic Cut motion from start to end.
3. If you want the tool to follow only certain portions of the Automatic Cut motion, or to change the Follow Cut parameters, redefine the Follow Cut motion. For information on how to redefine a Follow Cut motion, follow the link under See Also.
4. The Preview button allows you to preview the tool motion defined. Click OK if satisfied, Cancel—to quit creating the tool motion.