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To Perform Gouge Checking
Creo NC provides automatic gouge avoidance for all NC sequence types against the geometric references selected for cut geometry. For Volume milling using Mill Window, automatic gouge checking is performed against all the surfaces of the reference part.
If the HOLDER_DIAMETER and HOLDER_LENGTH parameter values have been supplied, holder dimensions will be used for gouge avoidance.
Automatic gouge avoidance is not implemented for Mill type tools with Side_Angle > 0. Use Taper Mill tools for automatic degouging.
The Check Surfaces tab available for Profile, Trajectory, Cut Line, Conventional, and Isoline Surface milling (and for Local Milling referencing an Isoline Surface milling NC sequence), allows you to select additional surfaces against which gouge checking will be performed, or unselect some of the surfaces selected automatically. This tab has the following options:
Add Reference Parts—Select the check box to include all solid surfaces of the reference parts (or, in case of Assembly machining, of all reference parts) as Check Surfaces.
Check Surfaces—Click in this collector to select or unselect individual surfaces, which allows you to add, remove, and show surfaces that will be used for gouge checking. If you choose a surface that belongs to a quilt, the entire quilt will be selected.
If you use a Mill Window, the system automatically performs gouge checking against all the surfaces of the reference parts; therefore, you are not able to select reference parts. Similarly, when you add surfaces, you cannot select reference parts.