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Gouge Checking Defaults
The system automatically includes all solid surfaces of all reference parts as Check Surfaces for the following types of NC sequences:
3- to 5-Axis Conventional milling
3- to 5-Axis Isolines Surface milling
3- to 5-Axis Cutline machining
3- to 5-Axis Surface milling by Projecting Tool Path
5-Axis Trajectory milling
Local Milling By Previous Tool
You can override this default by not selecting reference parts.
You can also use the following configuration options:
mfg_auto_ref_prt_as_chk_srfno—To disable automatically including all reference part surfaces as Check Surfaces for the NC sequence types listed above (the default is yes).
chk_part_surfs_profpockyes—To automatically include all reference part surfaces as Check Surfaces for Profiling and Pocketing NC sequences (the default is no).