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To Output a Manufacturing Process in XML Format
You can store the manufacturing process data for the current manufacturing model in XML format using the following steps. You can later import this data into the same or different manufacturing model.
1. In the Model Tree, right-click the data that you want to store as an XML template, and select Create XML Template from the shortcut menu. The New Template dialog box opens. You can select a top assembly model tree node, one or multiple workcells, NC steps, or operations.
2. Enter a new template name or retain the default template name, which is based on the selected data.
3. To link an image to the template, specify the path and name of the image file in the Image box, or browse for the image file by clicking next to the Image box. Once an image file is linked to the template, you can view the image by clicking .
4. Use the Parameters, Prompts, and Notes tabbed pages to modify information if required.
5. Click OK to save and close the dialog box.
You can also store manufacturing process data using the Process Manager. For details, see topics under Process Manager.