To Generate a Route Sheet
1. Click Tools > Manufacturing Info.
The Manufacturing Info dialog box opens.
2. Select the Route option button in the Manufacturing Info dialog box.
3. The system displays the route sheet in an editor window. You can edit the route sheet as desired, then save it. The route sheet is saved in the current directory as manufacturename.ppl.
The default route sheet consists of three sections. The first section identifies the route sheet by supplying the design model name. You can edit the route sheet to add the name of the author in the first section.
The second section describes the NC sequences for a particular manufacturing process. The route sheet lists the description of the machining NC sequences, the volume of material removed by each NC sequence, the time it takes to set up for the NC sequence (entered by specifying Setup Time in the Process Table when defining a fixture setup), and the time to perform each NC sequence. You can edit the route sheet to add the tool name and additional set up time.
The third section consists of totals for removed volume, set up time, and run time. You can edit the route sheet to account for additional set up time.