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To Edit a Classic Profile Turning NC Sequence
1. Right-click the Classic Profile Turning sequence in the model tree and click .
2. On the NC SEQUENCE menu that appears, click Seq Setup to change the tool, site or coordinate system if required.
3. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Customize.
4. Select Automatic Cut from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert.
5. The TURN PROFILE menu opens. Select or create a Turn Profile.
6. By default, the cut motion will be offset from the Turn Profile by NOSE_RADIUS (if the OUTPUT_POINT parameter is set to CENTER). If you want the Turn Profile to represent the trajectory of the tool control point, rather than the finished geometry, on the INT CUT menu, click On/Offset and select On in the On/Offset menu. The cut motion will then coincide with the Turn Profile.
7. Adjust the cut motion ends, if needed, and specify corner conditions. You can also specify local stock allowances, if desired. Connect the cut motions using the Tool Motion functionality.
8. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Play Path to verify the tool path automatically generated by the system. If required, you can either modify the parameters, or use the Customize functionality to adjust the tool path.
9. Click Done Seq when satisfied.