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To Edit a Classic Area Turning NC Sequence
1. Right-click the Classic Area turning sequence in the model tree and click .
2. On the NC SEQUENCE menu that appears, click Seq Setup. The following classic area turning specific options are available on the SEQ SETUP menu in addition to the common options for all NC sequence types. If required, edit the area turning specific options.
Stock Bound—Opens the STOCK BOUND menu that enables you to add, sketch or select a stock boundary.
Turn Profile—Opens the PROF EXT menu that enables you to select a turn profile and redefine the extension of cutting directions.
Ends—Opens the CUT END menu that enables you to extend or trim the ends of the cut section. Turning extensions will be applied to the adjusted ends of the cut section, as specified.
Corners—Opens the CORNER COND menu that enables you to specify corner conditions if desired.
3. Select additional options, if required, and click Done. Creo NC displays the user interface for all selected options one after the other.
4. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Play Path to verify the tool path automatically generated by the system. If required, you can either modify the parameters, or use the Customize functionality to adjust the tool path. .
5. Click Done Seq when satisfied.