To Create Axis Definitions by Location
The tool axis control by Location allows you to associate the tool axis definitions with a series of locations on the model. The system then applies these definitions to the closest locations on the cutter path, and interpolates the tool axis orientation at other points along the cutter path based on the proximity of all the existing axis definitions.
1. Select the Axis Control option in the CUTMOTION SETUP menu. If defining the cut motion using edges or curves, choose Axis Def from the AXIS CNTRL menu. The system displays the AXIS DEF menu, which lets you add, remove, redefine, and show axis definitions.
2. Click Add.
3. Click Location > Done/Return.
4. Select or create a datum point at which to define the tool axis orientation.
5. Specify the tool axis orientation at selected point using one of the following options in the AXIS DEF TYPE menu:
Along Z Dir—The tool axis will be parallel to the Z-axis of the NC Sequence coordinate system.
Datum Axis—Select or create a datum axis to define the tool axis, then use the Flip and Okay options to specify the direction of the tool axis.
Enter Value—Type the i, j, k values in the appropriate text boxes of the Axis Direction dialog box and click OK.
The axis orientation definition is displayed as a magenta arrow originating at the specified location.
6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for every point at which you want to define the tool axis orientation. In the regions between the points where the tool axis orientation is defined, the system interpolates the axis orientation by using a weighted average of the tool axis orientations specified at the nearest selected points.