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To Create an NC Sequence Using the Menu Manager
You can create an NC Sequence by using commands on the Steps menu on the menubar. For example, to create a Volume Milling sequence, click Steps > Volume Rough. The NC SEQUENCE menu that enables you to define the tool path appears.
You have to set up an operation before creating an NC sequence. The type of workcell defines the types of NC sequences available. Once you select the type of the NC sequence, define the tool path using the NC SEQUENCE menu options:
SEQ SETUP—Brings up the following common options to define the sequence:
Coord Sys
Close Loops
Excld Surfs
Build Cut
Apart from these options, some specific options related to a particular sequence are available.
Specify geometric references appropriate to the NC sequence type, for example, select surfaces to mill, or sketch the area of the cut for turning. This option also allows you to change the modal settings, such as tool, coordinate system, retract, and specify the manufacturing parameters for the NC sequence. For most NC sequence types, the system will generate the default tool path based on the results of sequence setup.
After you create a NC sequence using the commands on the NC SEQUENCE menu, you can use the following tool path commands as required:
For conceptual information related to these options, see Related Links.
Play Path—Verify the tool path prior to completing the NC sequence.
Submit Path—Submit the tool path to Job Manager for remote calculation. For more information, follow the link under See Also.
Abort Path—Cancel remote calculation of the tool path.
Abort Path and Submit Path are available when you set the configuration option nc_jobman_visible to Yes.
Customize—Customize the default tool path, that is, define your own tool motions and insert CL commands.
Seq Info—Brings up a checklist menu of all tool motions, along with the NC Sequence option. Select the motion(s) that you want to display info for (you can use Select All); use the NC Sequence option to display the NC sequence info. The appropriate info will be displayed in an Info Window.
Done Seq—Finalize the current NC sequence and return to the MACHINING menu.
Next Seq—Finalize the current NC sequence and immediately start defining a new NC sequence of the same type and with the same initial setup (tool, parameters, cut geometry). You are brought directly into the NC SEQUENCE menu, where you can change any of the setup elements or "tweak" the tool path using the Customize functionality.
Quit Seq—Abort defining the NC sequence. You will be prompted for a confirmation.