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To Create a Manufacturing Model
1. On the Creo Parametric Quick Access toolbar, click or click File > New. The New dialog box opens
2. Select the Manufacturing option under Type.
3. Select the NC Assembly option under Sub-type.
4. Type a name for the new manufacturing model in the Name text box, unless you want to accept the default.
5. If you do not wish to use the default template, clear the Use default template check box.
6. Click OK. The New File Options dialog box appears. Select the template on which you want to base the manufacturing drawing. If you do not wish to use a template, select Empty from the list of templates.
In the New File Options dialog box, select the Copy associated drawings check box if you want to create a new manufacturing drawing based on the drawing that is a part of the selected template.
For example, the template inlbs_mfg_nc.asm contains a corresponding drawing inlbs_mfg_nc.drw. To create a manufacturing model named mfgmodel.asm using this template, select the template and then select the Copy associated drawings check box. A drawing is created with the same name and a different extension, that is, mfgmodel.drw.
7. Click OK. The model tree of the manufacturing assembly is displayed in the Creo Parametric Navigator window. At this point, the assembly contains the components and features from the selected template. If you are not using a template, the assembly is empty. You have to define the manufacturing assembly configuration next.