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To Create a Machine Tool (Work Center)
1. Click Manufacturing and the arrow next to Work Center. Select a type of Work Center or machine tool from the list:
Wire EDM
The Work Center dialog box for the selected type opens. Alternatively, click Mfg Setup on the Operation tab to open the Work Center dialog box.
2. Select any of the following options that are available in the list apart from the work center types.
User-Defined Work Center—Retrieve a work center along with its parameters.
Save Work Center—Save the selected work center with its parameters.
3. In the dialog box of the specified work center, type the new name in the Name text box to change the machine name.
The Type box displays the work center type.
Follow Related Links to see a summary of the existing work center types and the NC step types subsequently available for each of them. The number of axes specified for the work center will also affect the NC step options; for example, if you set up a 4-Axis Mill work center , you will have the 3 Axis and 4 Axis options available when creating NC steps, but the 5 Axis option will not appear.
Auxiliary NC steps are available for any type of work center .
4. To change the number of axes, use the Milling Axes drop-down list.
5. To enable CMM probing, select the Enable probing check box. You must have the CMM license.
6. To set up the cutting tools, parameters, cutter compensation, and other elements, use the tabs located in the lower portion of the dialog box. For details, see Related Links.
7. To change the parameters, use the tabs located in the lower portion of the dialog box.
8. Click to finalize the machine tool creation and close the dialog box.