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To Create a 5-Axis Cut Motion Using Edges or Curves
1. On the NC SEQUENCE menu, click Customize.
2. Choose Automatic Cut from the drop-down list in the Customize dialog box, and click Insert.
3. On the DRIVE ALNG menu, click Curve.
4. The CUT MTN menu opens with Define Cut already selected, causing the CUTMOTION SETUP menu to open as well. The following commands are listed:
Parameters—Modify manufacturing parameters for the current cut motion.
Curve—Define the trajectory by selecting edges or datum curves to follow. The CHAIN menu opens with the options One By One, Tangnt Chain, Bndry Chain, Surf Chain, Select, and Unselect. Select edges or curves to follow using the CHAIN menu options. All selected edges or curves must form a continuous tool path.
Datum Curve—Select a single curve feature that lies in a plane normal to the Z-axis of the NC sequence coordinate system. You can also asynchronously sketch a curve feature at this point and select it for the sequence trajectory.
Height—Specify the height of the cut.
Start Height—Specify the height of the first pass for multi-step Trajectory milling.
It is recommended not to use Start Height while defining a multi-axis Trajectory milling NC sequence. The tool orientation changes during the tool path generation and hence the start height, if specified can produce unpredictable results, in such cases.
Direction—Specify direction of trajectory using Flip and Okay, according to the red arrow.
Check Surfs—Select surfaces against which gouge checking will be performed.
Axis Control—Apply additional control to tool axis orientation. Activates the AXIS CNTRL menu with the following options:
Along Z—The tool axis will be parallel to the Z-axis of the NC Sequence coordinate system.
Axis Def—Opens the AXIS DEF menu, which lets you add, remove, redefine, and show axis definitions at selected locations along the trajectory or at specified locations.
Norm to Part—Select a control surface, which must be adjacent to one of the selected edges. The tool axis will be normal to the control surface.
Corners—Specify the corner conditions.
Offset—Specify the direction in which the cut motion will be offset (None, Left, or Right). The offset distance is half of the CUTTER_DIAM value. The direction of the offset is with respect to direction of trajectory; when you select an offset option, the red arrow will show the offset direction. Click Done when satisfied.
Matrl Side—Specify the material side using the Left and Right options in the MATRL SIDE menu.
Build Cut—Access the Build Cut functionality.
Ends—Adjust the cut motion ends.
5. On the CUTMOTION SETUP menu, click Done to begin specifying the cut. The system starts the user interface for all selected options in turn.