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To Change Image
The Change Image option allows you to modify the viewing scale, location, and orientation of the model within the NC Check process. When you click Change Image, the following options are available:
Flip View—Allows you to view the model from the direction exactly opposite to the original one. This is the only reorientation option available within the NC Check process. To otherwise change the model orientation, use the top-level View functionality.
Set Center—Moves the model with respect to the screen without modifying the scale.
Resize—Magnifies or decreases the viewing display of model geometry using a menu scale.
Show Diff—Toggles the display of the reference part. This allows you to better see the material that is left to be machined. When you select Show Diff for the first time, the reference part is removed from display, so what you actually see is the difference between the workpiece and the reference part. Selecting Show Diff again brings the reference part back.
Original—Allows you to quickly restore the original view (that is, discard all the changes made using the options above).