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To Access NC Check When Editing CL Data
When NC Check is performed when editing CL data, the Run option on the NC DISP compound menu is replaced by the file positioning options: Position, Next, Prev, FF, and Rew. You can run just the lines you want (for example, those you have changed or added), line-by-line.
1. Position the CL file as desired and click NC Check > Display.
2. Set up the display.
3. Start moving through the file using the Position, Next, Prev, FF, or Rew options. As you do it, the tool moves along the CL path, and the material removed by the tool motion is reflected in the workpiece display.
Make sure the Refresh option is turned off, otherwise the screen will be repainted at every line.
When you move backward through the file (for example, using the Prev option), the display will not be updated.