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To Access NC Check at Any Time
At any time during your manufacturing process, you can "run" the CL data of an existing NC sequence through the NC Check process to check the tool path and resulting geometry. Running several NC sequences on top of each other without Refresh will give you a comprehensive picture of workpiece geometry after machining. CL data for all the NC sequences you are going to run must be output to CL files prior to starting the NC Check process.
1. Click Manufacturing > Play Path > Material Removal Simulation. The NC CHECK menu opens.
2. Click DISPLAY. The NC DISP menu opens.
3. Click Filename and select or create a CL file to run; otherwise, you will be prompted for the name of the file when you click Run.
4. Set up the display as desired. You can change the default colors for display, select the tool viewing option and the frequency of successive tool displays.
5. Click Run. The system starts running the specified CL file.
6. Once the NC Check process is completed (or aborted), you can run another NC sequence file.