Manufacturing > Manufacturing > CL Data > The DISPLAY CL Menu
The DISPLAY CL menu contains the following options:
Tool—Depending on whether the checkmark is on or off, display or do not display the tool.
Disp Cycles—Appears only for Holemaking NC sequences and Thread Turning. If the checkmark is on, all the tool motions included in the CYCLE command or in the thread cycle will be displayed. If the checkmark is off, a simplified display will be used.
Status Box—When you display the tool path, additional information appears in the Info Box, such as the feedrate, the spindle speed, the current XYZ coordinates of the tool, the current IJK coordinates of the tool axis. This option causes the cutter coordinates in the Info Box to update with each GOTO statement, to reflect the intermediate cutter positions during the tool path display.
StopAtStart—Makes the tool stop at the beginning of the tool path, to allow you check the cutter location coordinates in the Info Box. Click Continue on the CL CONTROL menu when you are ready to proceed displaying the tool path.
Compute CL—Forces the system to recompute the CL data at this time; if this option is not selected, the system will use CL data stored in the manufacturename.tph file and only recompute it if you made changes affecting the CL data (such as changing the manufacturing parameters or model geometry) after the tool path has last been stored by the system.
The next two options represent two ways to control the frequency of consecutive tool displays on the tool path. They are mutually exclusive; the one that you select last will be used.
Time Increment—Puts the tool display in the real time mode. Enter a value for the time increment (in seconds) between two consecutive tool displays.
Cutter Step—Displays the tool at uniform distances along the tool path. Enter a value for step size (in the units of the workpiece). If you enter a large value for step size, the tool will be displayed at the GOTO locations only.
If a solid tool model is used when creating the NC sequence, you will have an option to display model geometry instead of the default tool.
Once you display a tool path, Creo NC will remember the options used and select them as defaults when next displaying a tool path within the manufacturing session. If the options last used are inapplicable for a particular NC sequence type (for example, you used Kerf display before, and now are displaying a Turning tool path), the system will automatically reset the default as appropriate.
Once you have set up the CL display environment, click Done CL. The tool path is displayed according to the specified options. Then the CL CONTROL menu opens with the following options:
Position—Select a point along the tool path. The tool will be positioned at this point.
Next—The tool is displayed at the location corresponding to the next GOTO command.
Prev—The tool is displayed at the location corresponding to the previous GOTO command.
CL Measure—Access the Creo Parametric Measure functionality to compute tool interference, clearance. If a solid tool model is used, its geometry can be selected for measuring. If the tool is defined by a parameter file, it will be temporarily converted into a "dummy" part whose geometry is defined by the appropriate tool parameters: the tool section for a turning tool will be extruded by 0.1 of the tool length; for all other tool types the tool section will be revolved around the center axis.
Time Increment and Cutter Step—The same as on the DISPLAY CL menu.
Continue—Proceed with the tool path display from the current position of the tool.
Done—Display the tool path for the next NC sequence, or, if only a single NC sequence is present, exit the CL CONTROL menu.
Quit—Exit the CL CONTROL menu. This command will appear only if multiple NC sequences are present.
The tool will always be displayed while you move it using the CL CONTROL menu options, even if the Tool option on the DISPLAY CL menu has been cleared. Once you click Continue on the CL CONTROL menu, the tool display will again be controlled by the CL display environment.
You can interrupt the cutter path display at any time by clicking on the STOP sign in the lower-right corner of the Creo Parametric window.