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Sets of NC Sequences
When outputting CL data, you generally select either a single NC sequence, or an operation, which outputs to a single file CL data for all the NC sequences in this operation. You can also create a single file with CL data of only certain NC sequences within an operation, or even NC sequences that belong to different operations, by creating sets of NC sequences.
When outputting a set of NC sequences, you have to add the appropriate connection moves, if needed.
When you click Manufacturing > Save a CL File > Save CL File for a Set, the OUTPUT SET menu opens with the following commands:
Create—Create a new set of NC sequences.
Modify—Modify an existing set of NC sequences:
Name—Enter a new name for the set.
Content—Add or remove NC sequences by selecting or unselecting them, similar to when creating a set.
Delete—Delete an existing set of NC sequences (this command deletes the name of the set; it does not affect the NC sequences themselves).
Info—Display information about the NC sequences included in a set.
Output—Output CL data for a set of NC sequences.