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NC Check Colors
The Color option on the NC DISP menu allows you to control the following NC Check colors:
NC Sequence—The color of the workpiece where it is cut during the current NC sequence. As the tool cuts the workpiece, machined surfaces are displayed in this color when they are not coincident with the reference part surfaces. The default NC Sequence color is yellow.
Ref Part—The color of the reference part where it is visible. Whenever the workpiece surfaces are coincident with the surfaces of the reference part, they are displayed in this color. The default Ref Part color is magenta.
Workpiece—The original color of the workpiece. The default Workpiece color is green.
Tool—The color of the tool. The default Tool color is yellow.
Fixtures—The color of the fixture(s). The default Fixturescolor is white.
Transition—The color which will designate areas where the tool may be grazing or gouging the reference part. Use Clip planes and appropriate view reorientation to check if the gouging actually takes place. The default Transition color is cyan.