Modifying CL Commands
Once you insert a CL command, its first line appears in the list in the upper portion of the Customize dialog box.
You can modify both the contents and the placement of a previously added user-defined CL command by selecting it in the list and clicking Redefine. This will bring up the CL Command dialog box. Use the same techniques for specifying the new location or editing the contents, as when inserting a CL command.
This way, you can also modify contents of a Sketcher CL command (that is, a command added while creating a Follow Sketch motion). However, if you modify placement of such a command, it will no longer be connected with the sketch. To modify placement of a Sketcher CL command and retain associativity, redefine the Follow Sketch motion and modify dimensions of the point entity corresponding to the CL command.
You can also copy, cut, paste, and delete previously added CL commands by using the appropriate command buttons in the Customize dialog box.