About Inserting CL Commands
Creo NC allows you to manually add commands to CL data when customizing tool path for an NC sequence. There are three ways to input a CL command:
Menus—Build the command by selecting options from the system-supplied or user-defined syntax menus, and entering necessary values. As you select an option from the menu, you can follow it with the optional specifiers, or choose QUIT OPTIONS to complete the command and move to the next line.
Keyboard—Enter the command from the keyboard. If the entered line is erroneous, Creo NC displays an error message.
File—Read in a file containing the CL command lines. The file must have the .cmd extension.
The Creo NC syntax menus can be classified as follows:
System-Supplied Syntax Menus
Creo NC provides two sets of system-supplied menu structures, ISO and AI. ISO is the default menu structure that is based on the International Organization for Standardization. If you want to use the AI menu structure that is based on the US (ANSI) standard, use the pro_mfg_cmdsyn_dir proe/mfg_cmdsyn_ai configuration option, where proe is the Creo Parametric loadpoint.
User-defined Syntax Menus
You can replace the system-supplied syntax menu structure (used to add lines in editor) with your own syntax menu. To customize syntax menus, create menu definition files with the .def extension. Compile the definition files to generate syntax files with the .syn extension. Index the syntax files in the cmdsys.ndx file.
Use the configuration option pro_mfg_cmdsyn_dir to specify the default directory for menu definition files. Creo NC locates the syntax files in the following order:
Current directory
Default directory, if set
System directory. The system directory for the .syn files is proe/mfg_cmdsyn, where proe is the Creo Parametric loadpoint.
You can make any option from the index cmd edit menu modal. This means that once a topic (for example, MOTION) is selected you will continue to get a menu with the list of major keywords for MOTION even after inserting the command. To quit the modal mode and return to the index cmd edit menu, select Menus from the CL INSERT menu.
To specify modal topics, use the configuration option mfg_modal_command_file filename. Here filename is the name of a file in your working directory that contains the list of modal topics, each on a new line.