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Combining Selection Methods
Hole sets may be defined by rules. The available rules are:
Holes on surfaces
Holes of a certain diameter
Holes with a certain parameter value
Holes in a drill group
For example, if you specify a diameter value, the system will search the model for the holes of this diameter and include them in the Hole Set. If you select a surface, the system will include all holes on this surface. If you specify a combination of rules, the system will look for holes that satisfy all of them; that is, if you specify a diameter value and select a surface, the system will include only the holes of the specified diameter that are located on the selected surface.
You can select individual axes for holes that are identified by rules for exclusion from the hole set. Similarly, for holes not selected by rules, you can select and include their axes in the hole set.
The Axes method lets you explicitly select and unselect hole axes, regardless of other rules used in Hole selection.
When you select Rule: drill groups, the system copies the rules used for defining the selected Drill Group, as well as explicitly selected and unselected axes, into the current Hole Set, and applies them to the model according to the principles described above.