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Area Turning
Area turning allows you to define the area in the model cross section where you want the material to be removed. The tool path will be generated by scanning this area to remove material in step depth increments.
You can control how the intermediate reference part diameters are machined using the combination of the STEP_DEPTH and MIN_STEP_DEPTH parameters. Creo NC will generate passes at STEP_DEPTH until a reference part diameter is located. It will then calculate the depth of a pass at this diameter plus stock allowance, and compare the distance between that pass and the previous one to MIN_STEP_DEPTH. If this distance is more than MIN_STEP_DEPTH, the system will make the pass along the diameter, and the scanning algorithm will start from this pass. If the distance is smaller than MIN_STEP_DEPTH, the diameter pass is ignored and the scanning algorithm continues from the previous pass.
The MIN_STEP_DEPTH parameter values have the following meaning:
MIN_STEP_DEPTH = 0—Machine all diameters to stock allowance. This is the default ("-").
0 < MIN_STEP_DEPTH < STEP_DEPTH—Intermediate diameters will be machined to stock allowance if the distance from the previous pass is more than MIN_STEP_DEPTH.
MIN_STEP_DEPTH = STEP_DEPTH—Only the final diameter will be machined to stock allowance. All the other passes will be at STEP_DEPTH distance from each other. If you specify MIN_STEP_DEPTH > STEP_DEPTH, an error message will be issued, and all the passes will be at STEP_DEPTH.