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About Web Drilling
Web drilling enables you to drill holes through two or more plates, separated by a certain distance, with the tool moving with FEED_RATE while drilling a plate, and then making a RAPID motion along the tool axis to position above the next plate.
Depth for Web Drilling can be Manual, Automatic, or Through All. If you specify the depth manually, you can define new plates for drilling and select the start and end surfaces for the plate
If you specify the depth as Automatic or Through All, Creo NC determines the start and end of drilling for each plate based on the intersection of the hole axes with the parts selected for depth calculation. By default, all the reference parts and workpieces are used for depth calculation; you can unselect some of the parts, if desired, or explicitly select parts, by using the Models collector of the Options tabbed page in the Holes dialog box. All Models selects all the reference parts and workpieces.