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About the Turn Envelope User Interface
The Turn Envelope user interface consists of the feature icon, tabs, and shortcut menus.
Feature Icon
The Turn Envelope is represented by .
Feature Tab
The feature tab contains the following buttons:
—Creates a reference model envelope to define the turn profile.
Placement—Contains the following options that define the reference coordinate system and reference entities:
Placement Csys—Specifies the reference coordinate system for the turn envelope.
Reference Model—Specifies the reference model for the turn envelope.
Properties—Set a user-defined name for the feature. Example default names include TURN_ENVELOPE_1, and TURN_ENVELOPE_2. To change the default name, type the new name in the Name field.
You can view information about the Turn Profile feature in the Creo Parametric browser.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click a turn envelope in the graphics window and a shortcut menu appears with the following option:
Clear—Removes the selected reference coordinate system. Alternatively, right-click the Placement Csys collector on the Placement panel and click Remove from the shortcut menu.