About Activating a Subassembly in an NC and CMM Assembly
You can activate and edit subassemblies in existing NC and CMM assemblies. You can also add or modify features, edit relations and family tables, and perform some setup actions.
Types of Subassemblies
You can assemble and activate the following types of subassemblies:
Motion Skeletons
Mirrored Assemblies
NC Assembly—When you add an NC Assembly to another NC assembly it is regarded as a design subassembly. You can edit NC specific features but cannot add them.
NC Model—Additional options such as Datum, Assemble and Create on the Model tab are available.
Activating a Subassembly
A subassembly is activated when you perform any of the following steps:
Select the subassembly and activate it.
Edit the definition of any feature in a subassembly. This is a temporary state. You are returned to the previous, active ribbon after redefining the feature.
Create a design assembly inside an NC assembly.
Availability of Play Path Command
When an assembly is active in the context of an NC assembly, the Play Path command is not available for any NC step, CMM step, or Operation feature.