Tool Display Options
When displaying the tool path, you can control the tool display by using the following options on the View menu of the PLAY PATH dialog box:
Display Tool—Depending on whether the checkmark is on or off, displays or does not display the tool.
Display Tool Tip—Displays the tool path as the trajectory of the tip of the tool. This is the default option, and it can be deselected only when kerf display is available.
Display Tool Kerf—Displays kerf path, that is, the trajectory of the perimeter of the tool. This option is available only for 2- and 3-axis Milling and 2-axis Wire EDM NC sequences.
Display Cycles—Appears only for Holemaking NC sequences and Thread Turning. If the checkmark is on, all the tool motions included in the CYCLE command or in the thread cycle are displayed. If the checkmark is off, a simplified display is used.
Shaded Tool—If the checkmark is on, the tool is displayed as a solid shaded object. This option is supported only for shaded model display, that is, when your Display Style environment is set to Shading.
Clicking an option toggles the checkmark on and off.