To Specify Local Relations for a Step
1. Select the step in the process table for which you want to specify a local relation and click on the toolbar. The Relations dialog box opens.
2. Type a relation in the text box and press ENTER. You can type multiple relations by pressing ENTER after specifying each one. Use the following tools to add a relation:
To insert a dimension, geometric tolerance, or surface finish, click it in the graphics window.
If dimensions are not displayed, double-click a feature to show its dimensions.
To insert a function, click .
To insert an operator, click an operator listed on the left toolbar of the dialog box.
To insert a parameter from a list of existing parameters, click .
The name of a parameter, variable, or symbol cannot contain more than 31 characters.
3. To specify if the relation should be evaluated in regular order or after a regeneration, select Initial or Post Regeneration respectively from the list.
4. If required, verify the validity of the relations that you have specified by clicking .
5. Modify the local parameter details, if required.
6. To accept the relations, click OK or to start over, click Reset.