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To View the Estimated Removed Volume
You can view the volume of material removed for a step, in the process table, if the step contains material removal feature. To do this, add the manufacturing info parameter, Estimate Removed Material to the Process Table using the view builder. Alternatively, you can view the simulation of material removal on the Material Removal tab.
1. To add the Estimate Removed Material parameter to the Process Table, click . The View Builder dialog box opens.
2. In the Group box, select Mfg Info Parameters. Creo NC lists the manufacturing information parameters in the Group list.
3. Click Estimate Removed Material and click . The selected parameter is moved from the Not Displayed list to the Displayed list. You can select a column name in the Displayed list and move it up or down using or .
4. Click OK to close the Process View Builder dialog box. The Estimate Removed Material parameter is added to the Process Table. The Estimate Removed Material column displays the volume of material removed for each step, if the step contains the material removal feature. For same behavior groups, merge groups, and gang tools, Creo NC displays the volume of material removed only for the leader steps.
If you make any changes to the steps in the Process Table, click Features > Update Workpiece Instancesto update the Estimate Removed Material parameter.