To Specify Global Parameters for Steps
1. Click Tools > Global Parameters. The Parameters dialog box opens.
2. Click and type the name of the parameter in the Name column.
Parameter names cannot contain special characters such as !, ", @, and #.
3. Under Type, select the type of parameter that you want to add.
4. Specify the value of the parameter in the Value box.
5. If required, click the Designate check box to make the parameter visible in the PDM system.
6. Under Access, specify access to the parameter as Full, Limited, or Locked.
The Source cell reflects the origin of the parameter, for example, User-Defined.
7. If required, add a note about the parameter under Description.
8. Under Applicability, select the applicability of the parameter in the process table.
You can apply a parameter to all NC steps, all operations, all workcells, all fixtures, all assembly steps, and all rows.
9. Click OK.
If you include a parameter in a Family Table, layout note, or relation, you can also modify it by editing that Family Table, note, or relation.