To Set Up a Retract Plane in the Process Table
1. Click in the Process Table while modifying an operation, milling step, manual milling cycle, or a hole making step. The Retract Setup dialog box opens.
2. Select Plane from the Type box.
3. Select an existing datum plane or planar surface from which you want to offset the new datum plane. The reference you select appears in the References collector along with its constraint type.
4. In the Value box, select or type the distance by which you want to offset the reference coordinate system plane. The value can be:
A number. For example 20.
A relation that can include other cutting and tool parameters. For example, STEP_DEPTH * 2.
A value or relation appears in the Value box if you have already defined the relation for the RETRACT_REF_OFFSET identifier. Define the relation in the Relations dialog box that you can open by clicking in the Edit Parameters dialog. For example, if you have specified RETRACT_REF_OFFSET = CLEAR_DIST in the Relations dialog box, the value CLEAR_DIST appears in the Value box.
Alternatively, click and drag the distance handle in the graphics window to create a retract plane at the required distance. You can also double-click the distance handle in the graphics window to modify the value.
5. To copy the retract definition from another step, select the step from the process table. The retract definition is copied from the selected step and its reference is highlighted in the graphics window.
6. Click OK to create the datum plane to be used as the retract surface.
You can also use an existing datum plane or any planar surface as the retract surface. To do this, select the desired datum plane or planar surface and specify the offset value as zero and click OK.