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To Set Up Multiple Tip Tools
An additional tool type, MULTI TIP, is available in the Tool Setup dialog box for Holemaking and Trajectory Milling NC sequences, and for Mill and Mill/Turn workcells.
1. Click in the Tool Setup dialog box to add a new tool.
2. Under Type, select MULTI TIP. The General tabbed page displays the tool tip table for Tip 1 with the default values for Diameter, Length, and Point Angle. It also contains the text boxes with default values for the Tool Length and Point Diameter parameters. These represent the overall tool length and the initial diameter of the tool tip. The default Point Diameter value is a dash (-), which means a diameter of 0, or a sharp point.
3. To edit these parameters, type the desired value in the text box.
You cannot modify the length of the first tip of a multi-tip tool.
The diameter of a given tool tip must be greater than that of the previous tool tip.
4. Click to add a tool tip. Creo NC adds another tool tip line with default values to the table and updates the tool section sketch in the Tool Preview window.
5. To edit the Diameter, Length, and Point Angle values for a tool tip, click in the appropriate cell and type the desired value.
6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to add more tool tip lines. Clicking removes, after confirmation, the last tool tip line in the table.
7. Click OK when finished.