Multiple Tip Tools
Multiple tip tools are special tools with multiple control points of different manufacturing diameters and z-offsets. Multiple tip tools can be used for Holemaking, including Custom Cycles, and for Trajectory Milling.
When you set up a multi-tip tool, you can specify up to 8 tips, or stages. Each tip has a cutter diameter, length offset, and point angle associated with it. Creo NC provides you with default values. You can modify all these values except the length of the first tool tip.
When you select a multi-tip tool for a Holemaking or Trajectory Milling NC sequence, the following Creo NC parameters allow you to specify the tool details:
TIP_CONTROL_POINT parameter lets you specify which tip number to use for machining.
TLCHG_TIP_NUMBER parameter lets you specify whether to use the initial or the current tool tip to go to the Start and End points of the NC sequence (if they are defined).