To Search the Process Table
You can search the Process Table for specific items or parameter values.
1. Click . The Search Setup dialog box opens.
2. Select a group of search items from the Group drop-down list. Depending on the selected group, the list below contains different items.
3. Select an item from the list. The systems displays the selected name in the Name box.
4. To build a search expression, select an operator from the drop-down list in the middle, and type a value in the box on the right. If the search item, such as a parameter, contains preset values, they are listed in the Values box. Select the value you want.
5. Click Add to add the search expression to the query list.
6. To add another expression, select OR or AND, repeat Steps 2 through 4 to build the expression, and click Add. The system updates the query list.
7. To modify an existing expression, select it in the query list, change it as necessary (for example, select a different value), then click Change.
8. To remove a search expression, select it in the query list and click Remove.
9. If you want to view detailed logic information of the query, select the Expanded Query View option. This way, you increase flexibility of modifying query elements.
10. If you want to display only the table rows that satisfy the search criteria, select the Filter Table option.
11. Click Apply to perform the search.
12. Click Close when finished.