To Insert an Operation
To insert an operation in a Process Table, you have to be in a Process view. You also have to have at least one workcell defined in the process.
1. Click . The system inserts a new operation line below the selected line in the Process Table. The new operation has a default system-generated name, such as OP010, and default parameters. By default, the new operation belongs to the first workcell defined in the process.
2. To change the operation name, type the new name in the Name column of the Process Table.
3. To change other operation properties, select the operation by clicking on its icon. The whole line in the table highlights.
4. Click on the toolbar below the Process Table. The Operation tab opens displaying the work center name, the Program Zero coordinate system, and the operation name
5. To change the work center for the operation, select a work center from the list box next .
The drop-down list appears only if more than one workcells are defined in the process.
6. To define the Program Zero, click in the collector adjacent to and select a coordinate system. After the Program Zero is defined, the name of the coordinate system appears in the collector, and is highlighted in the graphics window.
7. Set optional elements for operation setup using the following tabs:
Fixture Setup
For details, see Related Links.
8. Click . The operation line in the table is updated.