To Insert a Fixture Setup
To insert a fixture setup in a Process Table, you have to be in a Process view. You also have to have at least one operation defined in the process.
1. Click . Creo NC inserts a new fixture setup line below the selected line in the Process Table. The new fixture setup has a default system-generated name, such as FSETP001. It does not have any components.
2. To change the fixture setup name, type the new name in the Name column of the Process Table.
3. Click Features > Create Mfg Features for All Steps to create manufacturing features including setup features.
4. To change other fixture setup properties, select the fixture setup by clicking its icon. The whole line in the table is highlighted.
5. Click on the toolbar below the Process Table. The Fixture Setup tab opens.
Add, remove, and manipulate fixture components using options on this tab. For details see topic The Fixture Setup Tab
6. Click in the Fixture Setup tab. The fixture setup line in the Process Table is updated.
If the fixture you inserted is not compatible with the workcell for the selected operation, the value in the Status column in the Process Table corresponding to the operation changes to Not Compatible Jigs. Creo NC determines whether a given fixture is compatible with a workcell based on the values specified in the workcell fixture compatibility list file.