To Extract Steps From a Process Template
1. Open the manufacturing model for the new design model.
2. In the Process Table, click . The Mfg Template AE extraction dialog box opens.
3. Click the Options tab.
4. Under Process Template Setup, click the Use Process Templatecheck box.
5. Click to browse and select the process template. You can view the template information in the Creo Parametric browser by clicking .
6. Under Orientation Z assignment, select the appropriate coordinate systems to define the Z-axis orientation. Each coordinate system you select represents a face.
Your selection should match the corresponding orientation of the original model from which the process template has been created. Refer to the original model if required.
7. Click Advanced to specify additional extraction criteria, if any, in the Advanced Setup dialog box.
8. Click Extract. The process is created in the Process Table.
The steps are extracted from the design model and the resources are loaded from the process template.
Creo NC matches all the extracted steps with the steps from the process template based on matching criteria. The matching criteria is a combination of the Z-axis orientation, manufacturing criteria, and the manufacturing template. Each step must have a unique match. Creo NC places the matching steps in the Process Table and reorders them based on the process template. Steps that do not match are placed at the end of the process.
Fixtures and fixture components are also extracted from the process template. If an extracted fixture has the same name as an existing fixture in the assembly, the extracted fixture is renamed with the suffix, _001. For example, if the name of the extracted fixture is FIXTURE_COMP, it is renamed to FIXTURE_COMP_001.
The Jigs Status column in the Process Manager displays Yes or No if the fixture component could or could not be extracted, respectively. You can add this column from the Special Parameters group using the Process View Builder.
Additionally, the FIXTURE_MISSING_COMPONENTS column of the extraction log file reports fixture components that could not be extracted.