To Edit Step Parameters
1. When editing a Milling or Holemaking step, click . The tab for the selected step opens. For example, the Trajectory tab opens if you select a Trajectory Milling step in the Process Manager.
2. Click Parameters and enter the missing parameter values by typing them in the appropriate cells.
3. To retrieve values from an existing parameters file, click and then click File > Open in the Edit Parameters dialog box that opens.
Alternatively, click File > Open Site to retrieve parameter values from an existing site file or click Edit > Inherit From Site to retrieve parameter values from an in-session site file (of the same workcell type). You can also retrieve parameters from a previously defined step by clicking Edit > Copy from Step.
When you select a value from a list, a graphical illustration is displayed in the dialog box. This illustration dynamically updates as you move the pointer or use the arrow keys to browse the options.
4. If you want to use the cutting data supplied for the tool, click Edit > Copy from Tool and select whether you want to copy All parameters, or just the Speed, Feed, or Depth. Finally, select whether you want the Roughing or the Finishing parameter values.
5. You can access all the parameters available for the current step by clicking All at the top of the dialog box and selecting the appropriate parameters category, such as Feeds and Speeds, from the drop-down list.
6. Click OK when finished.
You can simultaneously edit parameters of several steps. Select the steps in the Process Table and click Edit > Step Parameters. The Edit Parameters dialog box will then contain multiple columns, each column listing parameters of a step. Edit the step parameters using the techniques described above.