To Create a Process Template
1. In the Process Table, click File > Create Process Template. The New Template dialog box opens.
2. By default, the template name is based on the name of the manufacturing model. You can change the template name by typing a different name in the Template Name box. The name must comply with the file name requirements for your operating system and have the .xml extension.
3. If you want to link an image to the template, specify the path and name of the image file in the Image box. The image can be in the GIF or JPEG format. You can browse for the image file by clicking next to the Image box. After an image file is linked to the template, you can view the image by clicking .
4. Click the Orientation Z tab and specify names for the Z-axis orientations.
Each orientation represents a face. The orientations are used in the new design model when the process template is applied. As the orientations must correspond to those of the new design model for the process to work as desired, specify meaningful names such as TOP_FACE.
5. Click the Parameters tab, if required, to specify parameter names and values associated with the template.
These are data management parameters associated with the template, not the manufacturing parameters for the NC sequence.
6. Click the Notes tab, if required, to specify comments for the template.
7. Click Preview to view the template information in the Creo Parametric browser. The information includes:
Image associated with the template
Special parameters, if any
Steps included in the template
List of required references with descriptions
Fixtures and fixture components present in the current working directory
8. Click OK. Creo NC saves the template file in the XML format in the current working directory or in the path specified by the mfg_process_template_dir configuration option.