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Example: Using Gang Tool and Same Behavior Grouping
This example describes how to optimize machining of a part with a specific pattern of holes by using a special multi-head tool, as shown in the following illustration.
1. Create a manufacturing template to machine a single hole, using any appropriate tool.
2. In Part mode, create a manufacturing Annotation feature using this template and attach it to the hole pattern leader.
3. Pattern the Annotation feature. The system creates an Annotation feature instance for each hole.
4. In Manufacturing mode, open the Process Manager and extract the manufacturing annotation. The system creates a Holemaking step for each hole. They all use the same template.
5. In the Process Table, select the three steps machining the first horizontal row of three holes and create a Gang Tool group.
6. Repeat for all the other three-hole groups.
7. Select all the Gang Tool groups and create a Same Behavior group.
8. Select the leader of the Same Behavior group and change its tool to the special multi-head tool shown in the preceding illustration. This changes the tool for all the Gang Tool groups. The resulting tool path is shown in the next illustration.